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Warranty information on SWEEP motorcycling & snowmobiling products.

What is SWEEP warranty?

Sweep offers a warranty for all of our products that covers both material and production flaws that may occur. Please note that all warranty products are subject to an investigation by the manufacturer (SWEEP), your local dealer or your local distributor.

SWEEP DryTek® warranty.

We offer a comprehensive warranty for the waterproofing of all products that utilize a removable or integrated DryTek® membrane. Please note that in some products with a removable waterproof liner it is important that the liner is positioned and utilized correctly in order for the waterproofing to work as intended.

SWEEP warranty period.

Sweep brand warranty period is product specific, please make sure to consult your local dealer or distributor for additional information and their policies.

We assume that the products will not show any defects with the materials or have flaws in the construction of the product during the warranty period.

  • Textile jackets, leather jackets, leather suits, textile pants and leather pants have a warranty coverage of two years.
  • Snowmobiling overalls, jackets and pants have a warranty coverage of two years.
  • Motorcycling & snowmobiling gloves have a warranty coverage of one year.
  • Motorcycling & snowmobiling boots have a warranty coverage of one year.
  • Motorcycling & snowmobiling accessories (technical underwear, rain gear, other technical equipment) have a warranty coverage of one year.

Please be sure to keep the product receipt or a proof of the purchase to validate the date of purchase for your SWEEP product. Note that the warranty period starts from the date of purchase shown in your receipt.


Product repair or replacement?

If your SWEEP product shows a material/construction flaw and falls under our warranty terms we will always try to repair the product first. If we are unable to repair the product or the repair costs exceed the value of a new product the product will be replaced with the same or equivalent model with a similar feature set.

SWEEP reserves the right to exclude a product from warranty procedures if:

  • The product has suffered damage in the event of an accident, crash, puncture, fall or any other similar circumstance.
  • The product has been altered or modified by any unauthorized third party.
  • The product has been used with harmful chemicals such as bleach and denatured sprit.
  • Product care or usage instructions have not been followed properly or neglicence in caring for the product has occured.
  • The product has damage caused by prolonged exposure to light (such as UV-rays) and/or other heat sources.
  • The product has been used for purposes other than the intended use.
  • Normal wear and tear that may occur during regular usage of the product.*

*Normal wear and tear is almost always unavoidable with regular use of the product during the life of your SWEEP product, and wear occuring from this does not fall under our warranty terms. This includes things like wear from the product rubbing on your motorcycle or snowmobile, deterioration of the materials due to repetitive motion and fading of the colors due to the environment and age. All warranty claims are handled on a case by case basis in order to provide you with the premium support that you can expect for your SWEEP product.

How do I start my warranty process?

If you suspect that your product has a manufacturing defect, please contact your local Distributor. If the product has been bought directly from us, contact our Customer Service at or through the form on the Contact Us page.

Important note: if the product has not been bought directly from our webstore it is always required to start the warranty process through your dealer.

You can find our dealers & distributors HERE

For your warranty claim in order speed up the process please prepare your proof of purchase, and take clear, high quality pictures of the flaw that has occured.

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