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Shipping & Delivery

Delivery times:
Orders will be usually shipped out the same day or the next day after receiving the order.

The item will be stored for 14 days after the attempted delivery of notification of arrival.

If your are a dealer or B to B customer, please choose international delivery.

If you wish to arrange the transportation your self please choose the pick up.

Free returns:
We offer a free return possibility for parcel connect deliveries.
You can find out closest drop point through this link:

In case of return send us email and we will send you a percel label for returning your parcel.
In case of returns, please allow us 14 days to refund your order.

Transit times:
Below is a list of transit times for Parcel connect deliveries.

Estonia 1-2 working days
Latvia 1-2 working days
Lithuania 2-3 working days
Germany 3-4 working days
Sweden 2-4 working days
Denmark 3-4 working days
Netherlands 4-5 working days
Belgium 4-5 working days
Austria 4-5 working days
Poland 4-5 working days
Czech Republic 4-5 working days
Bulgaria 5-8 working days
Luxenburg 4-7 working days
Spain 4-7 working days
Portugal 4-5 working days
Slovenia 4-5 working days
Slovakia 4-6 working days
Hungary 4-6 working days

Pick up points can be found through this link:

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