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Sweep PRO Land laminated jacket, black


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Product code #TJPRO-02
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Pro Land represents SWEEP's finest offering in materials, features and innovation. For the first time ever, SWEEP gear features the Outlast® inner lining, only on the Pro Land suit. Pro Land's stretchy super-stretch outer fabric is laminated with a waterproofing laminate for the ultimate in waterproofing and breathability. The laminated outer fabric of the suit absorbs nowhere near as much water as a conventional construction, meaning the suit also dries faster after use. The jacket comes with a laminated collar made of the same material which attaches to the jacket with magnets.

What is Outlast®? 
Outlast was originally developed for NASA space suits as a material that transfers moisture and temperature much more effectively than conventional fabrics. Conventional fabrics only work by wicking sweat, but Outlast's proactive thermal management prevents moisture build-up altogether. Outlast® thermal technology takes advantage of the wearer's body heat. This heat liquefies the microencapsulated wax, which prevents further temperature rise by using thermal energy to change the physical state of the wax. The temperature- regulating fabric is therefore able to significantly reduce the wearer's thermal spike, improving comfort and reducing perspiration by up to 48%. And this process works both ways. As the body cools down, the wax returns to its solid state, thus releasing heat. The result: The temperature-regulating Outlast material consistently achieves a comfortable temperature regardless of changing external temperatures and influences. The Outlast material is used in the inner lining of the Pro Land jacket and trousers, and the difference in comfort compared to conventional materials is significant.

- CE FprEN17092-2018 approved driving jacket.
- Outlast® inner lining.
- Waterproof neck collar that protected by a velcro flap.

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