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Sweep GP R racing glove, black/white

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Product code #LGGP-00
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SWEEP GP R is Sweep's official racing glove, which is designed for track use, but is also suitable for the streets. If you want the best protection and fit that Sweep has to offer, then GP R is your glove of choice. The GP R is internally Kevlar-reinforced, which means it can withstand abrasion much better the regular leather gloves and more importantly offer more protection for your hand. Efficient ventilation vents make sure that your hands don't sweat even when in the heat.

- Made from "full grain" cow leather.
- Palm area double reinforced.
- Strong ventilated knuckle guards, TPR plastic finger guards, hard palm slider.
- A leather bridge between the little finger and the ring finger.
- KEVLAR-reinforced to guarantee the best protection in the event of a fall.

- Partially perforated leather.
- Double locking wrist.
- The glove's ergonomics are enhanced by the flexible panels.
- Pre-bent fingers and palm.
- External seams improve the fit and level of protection of the glove.

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