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Sweep Carbon ladies sport glove, black/white/red

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Product code #LGCARL-01
AvailabilityProduct is not available any more

The Sweep Carbon glove is a great all-round glove for every motorcyclist for the intermediate season and summer weather! The glove is made from leather throughout, giving great protection but also all the comfort that leather offers, and of course with use, leather gloves only get better! The gloves have a lightweight lining to bring comfort to the user. The Carbon gloves take advantage of the protective features found in Sweep racing gloves.

- Genuine calf leather.
- Long wrist.
- Redesigned and redesigned hard knuckle protector.
- Fingers have additional TPR protection at the vertebrae.
- Hard palm sliders protect your palm in the event of a fall.
- Leather bridge between pinky and unnamed finger.
- Double-locked wrist.
- External seams improve the fit of the glove.


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