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Sweep Secutor Level 2 backprotector

99.00 €
99.00 €
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Tuotekoodi #SBBS
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Your back spine should be well protected against impacts in case of accident. Even a small stone can cause a great damage on your spinal if your back is not enough well protected by certified back armor. Choose a back armor which has CE EN1621-2, Level 2 certification so you can be sure that your back is well protected. Sweep Secutor back armor has suspenders and a double velcro band which keeps the armor well on correct position.

  • CE EN1621-2, Level 2 certification
  • Excellent impact ab
  • Absorbs impact energy in case of impact
  • Flexible material adapts with body shapes
  • Bioelastan material reverts back to original form
  • Does not loose properties even during great temperature changes
  • Suits for winter and summer use
  • Reach tested against harmful substances
  • Foldable model

    S fits 160-170cm tall pilots, back armor length 49,5cm M fits 170-180cm tall pilots, back armor length 55cm L fits 180-190cm tall pilots, back armor length 60cm
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