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Sweep Product Warranty

Warranty information

Sweep brand warranty:

The Sweep brand warranty period is 2 years that can be extended to a three-year period by registering the product. If you have purchased Sweep from SweepFashion, you will automatically receive a 3 year warranty for your product. Be sure to keep the product receipt or a similar receipt of the purchase transaction.

Sweep product warranty is NOT valid if:

1) The product has been broken in the event of an accident.
2) The product has been modified by any 3rd party
3) The product has been used with harmful chemicals such as bleach and denatured sprit.
4) Product care instructions have not been followed
5) The product has been left abnormally under the influence of UV radiation
6) The product has been used for purposes other than the intended use.

If you suspect that there is a warranty for your product, please contact us Contact Us.

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